Sunday, December 12, 2010

Strange Hours

I mentioned that I couldn't sleep in my last post.  Now it's the opposite situation.

Thursday:  I have a small sleep debt, so I take a nap around 5:00 PM.  I am out for 2 hours. I go to bed early, at 9:00 pm.  I had a very comforting dream, involving someone I know.

Friday:  I wake up at 2:45 am, and I feel quite awake, so I decide to start my day early.  I brew some coffee, boil some eggs, and heat up some instant oatmeal. I watch TV and wait for the real day to begin.  At 4:59 am, I suddenly feel exhausted.  I don't bother cleaning up, and head to bed. I speed up on the stairs as I pass the window, just for a second.

Today:  I've been asleep since Friday.  I woke up in the evening today, at 5:01 pm.  That's about 36 hours  straight, on top of Thursday.  I dreamt of nothing.  This isn't to say I didn't dream.
I literally saw my eyes closed for 36 hours.  That can't be right, though...

I woke up with a dry mouth and a headache, but otherwise it felt like any other time I wake up.

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  1. Curious.. Sounds like your body clock keeps going out of wack big time.