Friday, November 12, 2010

AM Mist

I'm not usually a morning person.  When I wake up, I feel hot and weak.  Drowsy, like a bee getting smoked in it's hive.  I don't know what it is about them, but sunny days just do this to me.  I don't even think it's pretty outside.  Everything is too bright and faded, and the light makes green look has all the allure of an uncleaned oven, or Christmas lights in spring.  This is why I rarely go outside before 7:00 pm, when the air loses heat.

But every so often, if I'm lucky...I wake up to a thick mist.  Everything is colder, and I am energized.  Once I've gotten ready, I make coffee and sit outside.  I look at my surroundings...the reds and yellows and oranges of the world have all been muted, and the countless minuscule droplets of water hug the leaves, enhancing their colors.  greens become deeper, and more vibrant, and in the distance, everything melts together, becoming one large silhouette, fading into the horizon.  It's funny how on the days when you can't see a few feet ahead of you, you can look so much deeper into your thoughts, everything becoming clear so easily.
I have no idea why, when the mist makes all things fuzzy, the mind is so...clear.  But  it's a wonderful feeling, and a  rare one, as of late.  If only every day could be like that.


  1. Where I live the mornings (especially in fall) are almost always foggy. Some mornings it's so thick I can't see the barn behind out house. I can't honestly say I like the coldness though XD

  2. A barn? So you live on a farm then?

    You're lucky. I live at the bottom of crappy neighborhood. One of the houses at the end of my street recently burnt down, so it's just not very nice. It smells like caramel in that area, though...behind my house, there's a field surrounded by woods.

    I don't like it to get too cold either. I do like it cool though.

  3. Yep. We have chickens running around and everything. I wouldn't say we're too far out in the country, there's a pizza hut and a walmart only 10 or so minutes away. We have a good 4 acres of land though and it's really nice and quiet. Of course this time of year everyone's out burning leaves so it smells pretty much the same as it does in your neighborhood.