Thursday, November 25, 2010

New faces, new places.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone, especially to those on the run.  I know you probably don't see a whole to be thankful for, but the reasons are there.

Last night I had a new dream.  His puppets were all over the place, and he was around every other corner.  I felt fear...but it wasn't for my own safety. I was seeing this from a first person perspective, but I don't think it was me in the dream.

I don't know who I was, but the one I was being was with a woman with brown hair...a teacher who worked at a high school or college or something...I dunno.  But there was a little girl with her...the woman kept making mistakes, and eventually the one I was being had to take the girl and abandon the woman.  I don't know if she made it, but I think the other did.

Probably meaningless, but it seemed like it was worth mentioning.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    Weird dream. I've never had any as strange as that before.